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99-02 Firebird/Trans Am (LS1) DiabloSport Predator Programmer


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  • Model: D-U7198-3
  • Manufactured by: DiabloSports

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The Predator is a state-of-the art high performance tuning flash programmer, which advances the timing, optimizes the air/fuel ratio and remaps the transmission shift points (in automatic transmissions). Unlike other "tuners", DiabloSport’s programming is performed in very small increments throughout the entire RPM range, for a smoother, wider and a more predictable power delivery.

Predator is the ONLY flash programmer on the market to offer its end user sophisticated diagnostic features as well as the ability to log and monitor live data. You can monitor the recording on the Predator display, or download it to your PC and view it using our free Windows DAT Viewer. Use it for dyno or track evaluation.

Modify Parameters:

  • Axle
  • Fuel Base
  • Idle Speed
  • Rev Limit
    Shift Firmness
  • Spark Advance
  • Tire Size
  • OBD II
  • RPM Shift Point

Fuel Base
  • Fuel Table = WOT fuel table, adjusts fuel at wide-open throttle only, Predator allows for a + / -15% adjustment which equates to a 1 point plus or minus on a air/fuel scale

Rev Limit
  • Rev Limit drive = Rev Limit when in gear
  • Rev Limit Neutral = Rev limit when in neutral, use this for manual transmission equipped vehicles

Spark Advance
  • Spark Advance = WOT timing adjustment; adjust timing at wide open throttle only. Predator allows for a + / -10% adjustment in WOT timing

  • RPM Shift Point = Adjust the WOT shift point by RPM for each shift
  • Shift Firmness = Adjust the WOT shift pressure for each shift, this allows for a firmer shift under WOT, all tunes have stock settings as default

Tire Size
  • Tire revs per mile = Adjust for larger/smaller tire diameter to correct speedometer to get revs per mile use overall tire diameter in inches 20168 divided by tire diameter = revs per miles

  • Traction = Turn traction control on/off

  • Heater bank 1 downstream = Turn bank 1 rear oxygen sensor on/off
  • Heater bank 2 downstream = Turn bank 2 rear oxygen sensor on/off
  • Hego Config = Turn all 02’s off

  • Axle Ratio = Adjust for different axle ration to correct speedometer, note, numbers are in one decimal, ex. 3.5 this is the same as 3.55 and for 3.75, select 3.7, 4.10 select 4.1 etc

Idle Speed
  • Drive = Idle speed when in gear
  • Neutral = Idle speed when in neutral, use this for manual transmission equipped vehicles

Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Allows user to view the vehicle trouble codes
  • Allows user to clear the trouble codes from the vehicle
  • Can use diagnostic from one vehicle to another

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