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1996-1997 BMW E38 740 with 4.4L (Stage 1)

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  • Model: VF-VFK42-01
  • Manufactured by: VF Engineering

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8-9 Hours fitting time, fully reversible

VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW 740 to increase throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. With the stock 4.4 liter motor, power and torque are already suitable for the heavy 7 series chassis. However this upgrade is for the V8 enthusiast who demands more power. The new found power makes the 740 powerful enough to overtake and accelerate hard with the greatest ease. As a daily driver the supercharged 740 is a mild mannered executive car waiting for the throttle body to to be flung open. It is easy to slide the back out under full throttle and send the 7 series V8 to rediculous speeds way above the limit. Uprated brakes and are a suggested pre-requisite.

The early 97/98 V8 single VANOS (variable intake) M62 engines when supercharged made approx 10-15 whp less throughout the rpm range when compared to the newer 98-01 double VANOS M62TU engines but made almost identical peak power and torque. This applied to both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

The E38 740 houses the same configuration M62 engine as the E39 540. VF-Engineering performed all their M62 engine testing on a '97 540 Auto and an '03 540 6-speed Sport model owned by the head of R&D at VF-Engineering. "The blown V8 is one of my all time favorites. It just eats the freeway when I roll-on to full throttle at any speed."- NS. The supercharged 740 has the looks and refinements one expects from a high-end BMW family car but is a true autobahn terrorist to the unsuspecting eye.

VF chose to mount the Vortech supercharger with an in-house CNC machined aluminum bracket system. The unit is positioned in line with a bolt-on crank pulley with an additional active OEM tensioner using a dedicated serpentine belt. The key to reliable superchargers sytems is the the active belt tensioner which eliminates belt slip. The supercharger air ducts are custom molded in-house from plastic to give an OEM appearance, quality and fit. The incorporated Bosch boost overrun system is designed for smooth off-throttle cruising and deceleration with clean emissions. The crankcase ventilation system is designed to cope with positive pressure and high flow OEM injectors are supplied to fit as direct replacements without modification to the injector rail. A removable plastic air box is provided with the K&N induction filter for those who use their vehicles in persistently wet climates.The VF supercharger system remains fully OBD2 compliant and is supported by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty on the product only. Installation can be performed in approximately 8 hours and is non-intrusive allowing it to be fully reversible.


  • GIAC custom tuned stage 1 software
  • RPM limiter increased to 7000 rpm
  • Soft rev limiters and top speed governor removed
  • Vortech V2 Super Quite SC trim polished supercharger
  • 3 year unlimited mileage limited product warranty
  • VF- CNC machined 6061 aluminum bracket system
  • OEM BMW idler pullies
  • OEM High flow fuel injectors
  • VF- Custom molded polypropylene ducting
  • VF- Custom tuned supercharger intake
  • Bosch overrun bypass valve system
  • Custom crank case ventilation system
  • 4 ply silicon couplers with OEM screw clamps
  • VF- CNC oil fittings with high pressure OEM oil lines
  • Additional OEM serpentine belt
  • Bolt on crank pulley and OEM belt tensioner
  • K&N induction filter with cold air intake and optional air box
  • Comprehensive installation CD Rom
  • Compatible with automatic transmission (pls specify)
  • Precision Made in California, USA

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