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What is the difference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim?


At SuperchargersOnline we get tons of questions on what is the difference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim, etc… What does it all mean?

Vortech superchargers label their compressors in names such as V-1 Si-Trim, V-3 Si-Trim, V-2 Si-trim, or V-1 T-Trim. The first half in which Vortech labels their compressors tells you the type of gear case or transmission Vortech is using. The second half tells you more about the size of the supercharger and type of impeller Vortech is using.

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Vortech V-1

The Vortech V-1 supercharger means Vortech is using straight cut gears inside of the superchargers gear casing. These straight cut gears make the supercharger louder than normal where you normally can hear a lot of the gear noise and whining noise from the supercharger. The Vortech V-1 also requires oil lines to be fed into the supercharger to supply a fresh supply of oil. It also will require an oil drain line to drain the oil from the supercharger to the oil pan. The Vortech V-1 will come in standard duty gears and some come with Heavy Duty gears for those who want to run a cog pulley setup.

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Vortech’s V-2

Vortech V-2 head units are similar to the V-1 superchargers where the supercharger will require an oil feed line and oil drain line. The major difference is they are using helical gears inside of the gear casing. What are helical gears? Helical gears are gears that are cut diagonally instead of straight. These Helical gears help eliminate a lot of the gear noise that is common in the Vortech V-1 superchargers. You will still hear the whining sound, but the chattering sound caused by the gears is significantly quieter. This is why Vortech names their V-2 compressors SQ, which stands for, “Super Quiet.”


Vortech V-3

The Vortech V-3 supercharger is the latest release in superchargers from Vortech. Unlike the Vortech V-1 and V-2 supercharger, the Vortech V-3 does NOT require any oil lines to feed the supercharger gears with oil. The Vortech V-3 supercharger has an internally lubricated transmission. This internal lubricated gear case requires for the supercharger oil to be changed with Vortech’s special supercharger oil. The Vortech V-3 supercharger also comes with helical gears to make the overall gear noise quiet, but still allows you to hear the sweet whine sound that we all love about superchargers.

Now that we got the transmissions out of the way, it is time to talk about the labeling of their impellers and compressor size.

Vortech is known for having one of the most diverse selections of supercharger compressors around. Vortech makes well over 15-difference sizes of superchargers all in which have different power bans depending on ones vehicle needs. The most common ones are SCi-Trim, Si-Trim, T-Trim, and YSi-Trim.

Vortech SCi-Trim
The SCi-Trim is one of Vortech’s smaller type superchargers. These are commonly found in smaller displacement engines and some entry-level supercharger kits. The SCi-Trim does come in a V-1, V-2, and V-3 transmission.

Vortech Si-Trim
The Vortech Si-Trim is by far Vortech’s most commonly used supercharger. These superchargers are great for both street and strip use. You will find these in their Mustang 4.6L & 5.0L supercharger kit, Vortech’s 5.7L & 6.1L Dodge and Chrysler Hemi kits, and Vortech’s Hummer H2 supercharger systems. The Si-Trim also comes in a V-1, V-2, and V-3 transmission.

Vortech T-Trim
For those seeking more power for street and strip, Vortech makes a T-Trim for these power seekers. The T-Trim really shines for those who have a modified engine that flows good and are seeking to run boost levels in the 12-18 psi range. The Vortech T-Trim is normally the next blower size up from the Si-Trim once people max it the Si-Trim. The T-Tim only comes in two types of transmissions, which is V-1 heavy-duty, or V-2 also known as a “TSQ”. The V-2 version is a non heavy-duty transmission, which means it is not idea for cog pulleys.

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