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Supercharger News; MagnaCharger 1900 TVS RADIX Intercooled Supercharger System

Published: Sunday 04 December, 2011

MagnaCharger 1900 TVS RADIX Intercooled Supercharger System for GM Truck/SUV with 6.0L & 6.2L

GM’s new truck and SUV Vortech Max engines are popular options but they still leave some owners looking for more power, especially for towing or pulling a power-robbing set of 24” or 26-inch wheels and tires. MagnaCharger’s new RADIX Max supercharger package is just the answer, delivering up to an additional 124hp to the wheels, stump pulling torque the instant you hit the accelerator. The RADIX Max is super-efficient too, demanding less than one horsepower to drive under normal conditions. In fact, testing has indicated a slight fuel mileage improvement at a steady cruise, and the system interfaces seamlessly with GM’s Active Fuel Management. The MagnaCharger RADIX Max is legal for installation in California carrying CARB E.O. Number D-488-13.

MagnaCharger’s new RADIX Max MP 1900 Eaton TVS supercharger uses the same advanced technology found in the new LS9 Corvette and 09 Cadillac CTSC. It’s four-lobe, high-helix design is more efficient requiring less power to drive, has cooler discharge temperatures for increased power, and is much quieter than previous models. The RADIX Max system comes complete with everything you need for installation. The major components include a high-velocity port intake manifold with an integral water-to-air and or course, the MP1900 TVS supercharger (available in black power coating or Kroma Kote). Also, included are new high-flow fuel injectors and all necessary hardware and specialized tools for install. A professional installer can install the RADIX Max system in approximately 8-10 hours with no modifications to the vehicle. A fully illustrated instruction manual is included for DIYR’s.

All MagnaCharger supercharger systems carry a Standard 3-year Limited warranty on the supercharger system, and MagnaCharger also offers and optional 36,000 mile/3-year Powertrain warranty.

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